Welcome To Escape 2 Serendipity! Reiki In Edinburgh & Midlothian

Anyone of any age can benefit from Reiki regardless of your current body/Mind status.


What Are The Benefits?

Reiki pronounced (Ray-key) is great at reducing stress and tension and other associated symptoms, it is a great way to simply relax, enjoy and unwind after a hard day. You can also use it if you want to improve your life and relationships at home or work.Reiki works both the body and the mind and always has a positive outcome.


What about Illness and Injuries?

Reiki can speed up physical healing of the body, balance the emotions and free us from restrictive and destructive mental attitudes.The body heals faster when it is not dealing with stress and the associated hormones caused by stress.

It is non-invasive and can be used without fear of side effects or overdose(some natural de-toxin effects can occur after a treatment as the body heals and removes toxins from the body) it can be used alongside conventional medicine or natural remedies.

Treatment Prices

We offer a range of different lengths of treatments to suit your needs and your available time, we are available 7 days a week and are very flexible with times to suit your needs

Want To Learn Reiki?

We don't believe in large scale groups learning Reiki, we only ever teach Reiki in small groups and we also offer support after you complete your training.

Contact us for more information.