Reiki Training & Attunement

For people wishing to learn to work with Reiki directly, training is commonly (though not always) structured in a series of three Levels or Degrees.

The ability to 'do' Reiki is not something that is learned in the normal sense.

Rather it is something which is activated or awakened within the individual through a process of Initiation ( also referred to as an 'Attunement')

This Initiation or Attunement - the central focus of each Level or Degree - involves a special energetic transfer technique whereby the Reiki Teacher ('Master') essentially 're-patterns' or 'recalibrates' the student's etheric field & subtle energy centers.

To use an I.T. analogy, its a bit like having someone who possesses a very specific program, which enables them to interact and work with the Reiki phenomenon, download a copy of that program into your being, thereby enabling you to also interact and work with the Reiki phenomenon .

Level 1 Reiki

At Level 1, the Initiation/Attunement opens the student to the flow of Reiki (some would say: opens them to the awareness of the flow of Reiki).

Traditionally, in Usui Shiki Ryoho, the 'outer' focus of Level 1 Reiki is on hands-on therapy at a purely physical level [both for self-treatment and for treating others].

However, the 'inner' focus of Level 1 is about learning to become 'a clear channel' for Reiki.

Level 1 is about learning to 'let go and let the energy flow' - about learning to 'step out of the way' - learning to override the desire of ones conscious mind to interfere in the therapeutic process, and instead, simply let the Reiki phenomenon 'happen'.

The attitude should be one of almost Zen-like, compassionate, detachment:
"Sitting quietly, 'not doing', not seeking after outcomes, Reiki Flows. If healing happens, it happens, if it doesn't, it doesn't - either way it's no concern of mine."

Developing this attitude early on will greatly enhance the quality of ones journey with Reiki.

Level 2 Reiki

Where Level 1 opens the student to the (awareness of the) flow of Reiki the Level 2 Initiation/Attunement deepens the quality of that flow.

Having developed the attitude of 'compassionate detachment from outcomes' at level 1, the Level 2 student is provided with a number of symbolic tools enabling them to 'set' intentions - and broaden the scope of their therapeutic interventions.

With Level 2 training, the student is introduced to three sacred symbols, and is instructed in their use as a means of:
....enhancing the effectiveness of physical level treatment (both hands-on and
....non-contact - i.e. in the clients aura)
....carrying out treatment at deeper psycho-emotional levels
....and performing 'distant' or 'remote' treatments - i.e. for people not physically

Level 3 Reiki

Level 3 is commonly referred to as the 'Master' level, but is more properly the 'Teacher' level, being the level at which the practitioner will manifest the ability to impart Initiation/Attunements to others.

This level's Initiation/Attunement brings yet a greater deepening of connection to the Reiki phenomenon.

The practitioner is introduced to a fourth sacred symbol - the Master symbol, and is instructed in its uses, including its significance in the Initiation/Attunement process.
Many people will choose to progress to Level 2 (- with its deeper energy connection and expanded healing techniques -) and eventually to Level 3 (the 'Master' /Teaching Level), Reiki Level I training will provide all the basic awareness required to practice this special therapeutic art - primarily for self-healing, and also for treating others - family, friends, pets - even household plants.

For those attuned to it, the phenomenon that is Reiki can, amongst other things, be utilized as a form of body- centered meditation. It can also, especially at the higher levels, prove an invaluable tool for spiritual growth, having a subtle yet profound effect on ones personal development.

All Credits for this article go to James Deacon

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