Reiki - Receiving Treatment

The person receiving Reiki treatment remains fully clothed, and sits in a chair, or reclines on a therapy couch - whichever is most comfortable. The only participation required is a desire to let oneself relax and be open to the positive effects of the Reiki healing energy.

In its simplest form, treatment is given primarily by means of a structured series of touch-based interventions at specific points on the body (- a process sometimes referred to as 'laying on of hands').

The Reiki session usually lasts between 30 minutes and 1 hour, during which time, the recipient may experience heat or cold, or become aware of tingling or pulsing sensations, as the healing Reiki energy radiates from the therapist's hands and begins to effect positive change, and restore balance, throughout the recipient's whole being.

The therapeutic influence of the Reiki treatment continues to manifest for some time after the session ends. For this reason it is desirable (where possible) for the recipient to take things easy for a day or so, in order to gain the full benefits of their Reiki session.

How does Reiki work?

While there are various theories as to how Reiki might work, there is no clear answer to this - all that can be said for certain is that it does.

Dis-ease, dis-harmony, un-wellness is believed to occur due to disruptions/inhibitions in the flow of vital life force within our being.

Many believe that the specific radiant energy-pattern which we call Reiki, emanating from the practitioner's hands, simply assists the body to 'correct' and re-balance the flow of our life force, thus returning us to a state of wellness and generally enhancing the quality of our experience of our life.

All Credits for this article go to James Deacon


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We don't believe in large scale groups learning Reiki, we only ever teach Reiki in small groups and we also offer support after you complete your training.

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